Cattle and Crops release date

Demo version of the Cattle and Crops will be in the end of March. Official information. Full version of Cattle and Crops dropping on November of 2017!

Game launcher for updates
German map (4 km² / ~ 990 ac)
Mid-sized vehicle fleet (as seen in the trailer video) plus additional machinery
Employees and AI workers
Corn, biogas plant, cattle
Modding support (incl. ingame vehicle and map editor)
Continuous development based on user feedback
Regular updates with improvements, new features and vehicles of the final version


CATTLE AND CROPS v1.0: Fall 2017
Livestock (bulls, pigs, …)
Online profile with stats

Do you want to know how the vegetables, corns and livestock grows? Do you want to understand what type of ground is the most suitable for corns? Do you want to discover how much machine useful can be? Then, Cattle and Crops is the most suitable game for you. Of course, this game is suitable and for your family and friends, if they are interested in plants and livestock. But before that, you must know what is Cattle and Crops release date. You must know and others important facts about Cattle and Crops release date, too. So, if the Cattle and Crops game release date is important thing for you must read this article till the end.

So… We have a good new for you – we know what is Cattle and Crops official release date. But we have one more new… There are a few release dates of this game. So, as you see, we have a lot of important information about this game. So, let’s start from the beginning.

Firstly, we would like to talk about that, what is CnC release date of full version. Before that, we would like to say, that we understand how much important is full version for the fans of the game. So, this is a good new – you don’t need wait too long… CnC release date of full version is November 2017. Of course, we would like to say and some words about release date of demo version. Demo version of this game was released March of 2017.

Also, we would like to say some sentences and about single player edition and multiplayer edition of this game. So, single player edition of this game was March 2017. Multiplayer of this game was July 2017.

So, know you know all the facts about the CnC game release date. But the most important fact is a CnC official release date. So, this date, as we said, is November 2017.

So, if you are the fan of this game, this new is one of the most important – only a few weeks left till you can play this excellent game.

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